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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. that's the sound of something exploding in a chp cruiser after it caught fire on the bay bridge tonight. christin ayers joins us from the treasure island off ramp where the officer had to bail from his car. >> reporter: that officer actually had to go to the hospital after his cruiser caught fire earlier this evening. first he saw smoke. then he pulled over here onto treasure island and listen to what he heard next. a series of rapid fire explosions coming from the officer's trunk where he apparently had weapons stored. you can see his vehicle was by
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then engulfed in flames here on treasure island. he was injured by some flying debris. the flames gutted the cruiser entirely. looking at some pictures we got ahold of from social media this evening, firefighters did manage to put out the flames, but you can see the mess left behind, a lot of foam out here left behind. authorities briefly shut down the treasure island off ramp, traffic backed up a while on the bridge. the good news back out here live on treasure island tonight is that the officer's injuries were minor. last weeing whiched he had gone to sf general hospital and was expected to recover. the bridge and that off ramp have been reopened on treasure island. christin ayers, kpix5 news. we also have breaking news tonight. if you are trying to get on facebook. you know that something is wrong. there's an outage now and it's affecting people across the united states, in aircraft why and in australia. -- in asia and in australia, instagram also down tonight.
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both social networks saying they are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. if you try to log onto facebook now, this is the message. sorry. something went wrong. just minutes ago buzz feed tweeted please fax fax us your thoughts. car crashes happen all the time unfortunately, but tonight we're telling you about one that is particularly tragic. it happened this afternoon on yerba beuna road near edenwood drive in san jose. that's where betty is tonight. >> reporter: you can see some of that damage left behind by these two cars on that guardrail behind me. witnesses told police they saw these cars speeding, racing down yerba beuna road before they smashed into a pedestrian. a p.m. friend tonight tells us she was just -- a family friend tonight tells us she was just 23 years old. a mangled nissan, a banged up bmw, the crumpled aftermath after police say the drivers
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crossed the guardrail and mowed down a woman and pin her against the tree. >> she was working out jogging or walking. >> reporter: the victim was in her 20s. a neighbor snapped this photo moments after the wreck describing the one in the white t-shirt as the driver of the nissan and the man with the baseball cap was behind the wheel of the bmw. police identified the men as 19- year-old gabriel besara and 24- year-old manuel maldonado avalos. >> it was bad. i came out running out and trying to assist the kids. >> reporter: judy usar lives on the block and had no idea they had hit and killed the woman. did the drivers appearton they hit somebody? >> i don't -- appear to know they hit somebody? >> i don't know. i think they were in shock. >> reporter: neighbors say this isn't the first time
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they've seen some wild driving. >> over the years people have died on this road. it's something they need to take care of soon. >> reporter: this road between niemann and silver creek is attractive to racers because its steep downhill stretch. >> i take the back streets for that purpose. the innocent lady was just walking. >> reporter: both men are at the santa clara jail booked on vehicular manslaughter. the san jose police investigator told us that they have been in touch with the mayor's office as well as the department of transportation. they are aware of the speeding problem here and they do expect the city officials to be out to look at it tomorrow for themselves. tonight we have incredible video of a pilot running out of gas in the middle of the pacific ocean. what does this guy do? he deploys a parachute and then splashes down and then he climbs aboard a cruise ship.
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sounds crazy i know. this all started in tracy. the small plane took off yesterday headed for maui but 250 miles short something went wrong. mark kelly picks up the story from here. >> calm and collected the pilot thanked his rescuers, but it was a gadget on his plane that truly saved his life. pilot lou morton safe on land, saved by a parachute. >> doing good. >> coastguard video was rolling when the propeller on the cirrus sr-22 stalled. the parachute springs out and for one terrifying moment it looks like total failure. the plane plunges nose first toward the ocean, but then fortunes change. the parachute set the plane down on the water. lou climbed out onto a raft. a holland american cruise ship of all things. >> they were working the team when i was on the water getting me out of there onto the boat
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as quickly as possible. their medical team was great. >> reporter: back in tracy richard ortenheim put the loose fuel tank on before he left and saw no red flags. yesterday lou did a test flight, still once in the sky realized there was not enough fuel to get to hawaii. the parachute was his last resort. the red handle in the cockpit triggers a rocket which launches the parachute. the company says its technology saved 104 lives. now add one more to that list. >> everything has been more than impressive. >> a parachute attached to a plane not an entirely new invention. this company has been making them fitch teen years now and no doubt the pilot relieved he had one on board. >> he swam for a while but got picked up by a cruise ship, what a story. there's a picture of lou in the green climbing into the cruise line's rescue boat. here he is smiling with the
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crew. i'd be smiling, too. holland america says this is the third time this year one of their ships has performed a rescue operation. tonight construction work is just getting started at a busy san jose intersection and it will be closed for nine months. crews are digging a tunnel for the b.a.r.t. extension at sierra road and lundy avenue. the community helped to decide to close down the intersection completely so crews can work fast. it all goes accord -- if it all goes according to plan, you'll be able to take part to milpitas and berryessa by fall of 2017. tonight someone has been busy trying to change the message on some anti-muslim ads on muni buss. the old one supports hitler -- buses. the old one supports hitler. the new ones say calling all bigotry buses, stop the hate. while we've been soaking up the sun here it has been
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snowing and the wind blowing for almost 24 hours on the east coast. it could be one of the biggest blizzards ever. a live look at times square right now. have you ever seen it this deserted? of course, it's early morning new york time. the city that never sleeps is virtually shut down tonight. the worst of this monster storm is forecast to hit overnight. new york could get 3 feet of snow. more than 6,500 flights have been canceled nationwide including at least 60 in and out of the bay area. when you see the size of this storm it's easy to see why. this is a nasa satellite photographer. cbs reporter marley hall is in a snowy manhattan tonight. >> reporter: the city subway system stopped running at 11 p.m. and it is now illegal for anyone but emergency workers to be on the streets. >> if you are in your car and you are on any road, you will technically be committing a
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crime. >> reporter: even on broadway the show didn't go on. all 27 shows were canceled for monday night. >> we just went and bought $40 worth of food, stay inside and eat and watch netflix. >> reporter: from the jersey shore to the northern coast of maine parts of seven states are under a blizzard warning. connecticut where snow could fall 2 to 4 inches an hour is now under a statewide travel ban. schools are closed already for tuesday and some officials say it could be thursday before things start to get back to normal. marley hall, cbs news, new york. >> of course, we're seeing a lot of tweets from the northeast tonight with the #blizzardof2015. this was the line outside trader joe's in new york. lines inside the stores are not any better. police say a 16-year-old stole her parents' car. then this happened. tonight how a bay area joyride ended in flames. >> these twins need a liver transplant. their father is a match, but he can only save one of them.
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tonight the family wants your help. >> plus what's going to happen to this big statue of st. francis now that candlestick park is
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a 16-year-old girl is behind bars tonight. police say she stole her parents' mercedes and crashed it into a pizza parlor in san bruno. the car went straight into the gas meter leading to an explosive fire at seniore's pizza this morning. the unlicensed teen blew through multiple stop signs before the crash. somehow she escaped unharmed,
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but the pizza parlor is completely destroyed. >> it was terrible. it's a total loss. even one of the firemen that came up came and gave us hugs. he's a customer. it's pretty sad. >> one seniore's employee says he missed being inside the burning building by minutes. he was running late to open the restaurant this morning. el camino real was shut down for hours and nearby homes were evacuated. a drone crashes onto the white house lawn. tonight the secret service says the man flying it has come forward. he says the aircraft was recreational, but the question remains how does a drone get there in the first place? here's what we found out. >> reporter: just after 3 a.m. a secret service agent heard a noise and saw a small quadcopter flying low over the white house grounds. the device crashed on the southeast side of the complex. the president and first lady are traveling overseas, but their daughters are in
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washington. there are strict flight restrictions around the white house, but small drones are hard to detect. white house press secretary josh earnest. >> the early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat now to anybody at the white house. >> reporter: but drones or unmanned aircraft systems are a potential security nightmare across the globe. in 2013 a drone was hovering over the crowd and dropped at the feet of german chancellor angela merkel. law enforcement in the u.s. is looking for a system that could disable a drone. some believe threats from drones are limitless. >> chemical weapons, the technology is there. we're thinking it is and will be. guns definitely we've seen that. we've seen some paintball video very accurately hitting the targets with the paintball. >> reporter: in monday's case the drone was not weaponnized, nor did it have a camera.
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the secret service says the operator was using his for recreational purposes. the faa is still developing regulations for commercial drone use. canadian father faced with an unthinkable choice. his twin daughters need liver transplants, but he can only donate a portion of his own liver to one child. you can't tell with these smiley faces, but these adopted 3-year-old twins are in urgent need of those transplants. their father michael wagner can only help out one of the kids. the wagners set up a facebook page to try to find another donor. in two weeks doctors will decide which twin should get their father's liver. tonight bay area doctors are scrambling to track movements of a patient diagnosed with measles. they say hundreds of people may have been exposed. the recently diagnosed patient went to a costco and wal-mart
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in gilroy on january 18th. he also visited a dave and buster's restaurant in milpitas on january 19th. he was infectious the whole time. health officials are playing detective trying to alert anyone who had direct contact with this patient. >> they interview the case and find out where were they during that infectious period, who might have been their contacts and then we follow up with those contacts to see if they've been vaccinated. >> if you've been vaccinated or had the measles, they say you don't have to worry, but if not, officials say watch out for symptoms that include fever and rash up until february 8th. candlestick's days are numbered. the wrecking crew will soon move in. so what will happen to that big statue of st. francis? mark kelly got the scoop tonight from the mayor. >> reporter: a 27-foot tall st. francis has welcomed the 9ers faithful to candlestick since 1973. do you like it?
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>> not personally, but it's not my form of art. >> reporter: soon where the stick once stood shopping and condos will go up and the very saint san francisco is named after, this mass of concrete and steam, will likely get the boot. -- steel, will likely get the boot. where should st. francis go? one idea where any italian would feel at home, right here in north beach. >> it would be good there because it represents a little bit of connection for the community. >> reporter: the north beach crowd thinks they have a good chance. >> absolutely. right outside cafe trieste and the cornerstone for the plaza she's putting in there. >> i wouldn't have a problem with it coming here. it is an italian neighborhood. if they want it, put it here. >> reporter: the arts commission hasn't picked a place yet, but st. francis is the patron saint of animals, maybe a dog park. with upper thing is for sure. ask a -- one thing is for sure. ask a san franciscan and one idea doesn't center a chance.
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what if they try to put it in santa clara? >> i think it's st. francis. not st. santa clara. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> st. francis will cost the city a pretty penny just cleaning him up and moving him looking like about $200,000. in a few weeks warriors will debut these chinese new year uniforms to commemorate the year of the goat. harrison barnes and draymond greene modeled the new look at an event with san francisco mayor ed lee. warriors is written in mandarin on the front. the warriors didn't play today. that gave steph curry a little time to hang out with the kids. >> reporter: of. >> he and gary payton and wnba's slim cash talked to kids about the importance of eating healthy and staying active. >> no matter what you do in life, being able to take
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control of your health and make the smart choices that you feel good about yourself, you're inspired every day to get better in the classroom, at home. >> kids even had a chance to meet and play with curry on the school basketball court, pretty cool. a few minutes ago facebook and instagram came back online. a hacker group is claiming responsibility for the worldwide outage, but so far it's not been confirmed. the outage lasted about 40 minutes. >> can rest easy now. facebook and instagram are back. >> people were holding their breath for 40 minutes, new world record. we'll get the latest on the storm in new york to show you. >> it's really coming down, blizzard conditions, wind gusts up to about 50 miles an hour and 2 to 4 inches of snow per hour in new york. that would be great at tahoe, but they're getting it at midtown manhattan. so by tomorrow morning it will really pile up. out here we've got a few echos of our own in the form of light
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showers moving north of santa barbara. 52 degrees in concord now, san jose 54 and santa rosa 51 degrees. out the door tomorrow except in the extreme south bay it will be dry and just a chance in the south bay for a few morning sprinkles. watch the green pop a little over the south bay in the diablo range. that's it. it goes away by tomorrow night at this time. we start off cloudy tomorrow. low pressure off baja moves north and then east. as it does rain turns to showers. mostly we'll just see clouds and showers in monterey and san bernadino county but not for us. then a warming trend by the weekend as high pressure rebuilds. to sum it up, we'll be looking for increasing clouds but not much rain. january, 2015 will go down as the dryest on record in san francisco and san jose and by the weekend we will warm it up. overnight lows 47 at san rafael, same for oakland,
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forecast highs tomorrow above average, 63 in the city, 63 in oakland, south bay mid-60s, tomorrow liver more 64 degrees, 62 santa rosa. in the far north bay 67 degrees at ukiah. the extended forecast clouds between now and thursday. that chance of showers in the south bay but not much. by the weekend plenty of sun. let's just hope february does a lot better than
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. >> how bad is it? right now in new england, i can guarantee you this. there would be no midnight ride for paul revere. look at that, hackney. can you believe that? the patriots may have escaped the storm but they haven't escaped another. head coach bill belichick flat out denied the patriots had anything to do with the deflated footballs, but on landing in phoenix owner robert kraft was faced with a fox report that the nfl is investigating a locker room attendant who may have taken the footballs from the official's locker room to a different area onto the way to the field. >> i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to
11:29 pm
our entire team and in particular coach belichick and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. i am disappointed in the way this entire matter has been handled and report upon. finally the raiders had a better day than the patriots. they resigned veteran charles woodson to a one year deal. woodson is happier today than last september. >> we're not very good. we suck. >> the raiders got better and beat the 49ers, remember? woodson will be 39 years old next season. his 112 tackles in 2014 were a career high. granted you never want the safety leading the team in tackles, but it sure looks good in contract negotiations. rafael nadal never lost to thomas burdich. nadal fought off three match points in the 3rd but in the
11:30 pm
tiebreaker fourth time was a charm for burdich who wins his straight sets. serena watching sister venus 4th round australian open. she upset ofs the sixth seed to advance to her first grand slam quarterfinal since 2010 and could face serena in the semis. the top 5, iowa state wins 89-86. no. 4, pelican star anthony davis, 32 points, 12 rebounds and the one-handed alley-oop dunk. new orleans beat philadelphia. no. 3, brandon halverson had a want to get away moment, tries to get the pass to the teammate but scores on his own goal. no. 2, the exact opposite of a want to get away moment.
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watch the penalty shot. russian league player in all- stars skills competition. clippers and nuggets tied 94- 94. a bad pass to crawford who saves it to matt barnes for the game
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falling. >> live ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the stadium in the bronx it's the "late show" with david letterman. plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, guilty of late inning expectations


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